The Voice Crypto is an NFT game implemented under the Binance Smart Chain network (BSC). In addition to having fun playing it you will be able to claim big rewards.

To start playing you will need to buy one of the Mystery Boxes which are divided into 3 categories: Basic, Normal and Premium. Inside you will find an NFT Musician with its own unique features.

You will be a true Manager in this Metaverse

A Manager is a producer who takes care of the career of one or various artists. He or she is responsible for producing the shows, setting the dates, charging for the presentations, and personal aspects, such as nutritional needs, physical condition, and their progress as artists. Maintaining your NFT motivated is also necessary since he or she is a diamond in the rough whose potential depends on you to be developed. You are responsible for guiding him or her on this path for earning money and the respect of the entire metaverse

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